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Meet our Alumni


Anthony Gryniewicz
Internship:  Office of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  “Mapping the Effects of the Natural Gas Energy Transition in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana”
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Executive Assistant - Office of the US Under Secretary for Science and Energy

Nathanael McIntyre
Internship:  US Department of Defense, Office of Space Policy (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  “Criteria for Sustainability in the Orbital Environment”
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Management and Program Analyst - Office of Commercial Space Transportation at the Federal Aviation Administration

Jordan Hibbs
Internship:  Mosaic Taiwan
Applied Project:  “Real-time Feedback and Energy Consumption:  A Review of Smart Energy Management Technology and the Potential Impacts for Arizona”
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  2016 Presidential Management Fellowship Finalist; Management and Program Analyst – Department of Energy, Building Technologies Office

Jacob McAuliffe
Internship:  US Government Accountability Office (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  “Ambulatory Devices and Medical Innovation:  How will mobile technology change health care?”
Graduated:  August 2015
Currently:  Health Policy Fellow - New America

Neekta Hamidi
Internship:  White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  “Medicare’s Coverage with Evidence Development:  An Examination of Potential Benefits and Challenges”
Graduated:  December 2015
Current: Biomedical Engineer -  Philips Health Systems North America

Jonathan Jacobson
Internship:  M+W Corporation (Phoenix)
Applied Project:  “Universal Internet Access:  Lofty Goals Lead to a Call for Cooperation”
Graduated:  December 2015


Judd Anderman
Internship:  Bronx Lebanon Hospital (New York)
Applied Project:  "Engineering Social Change:  Achieving Bottom-Up Governance and Improving Collective Outcomes in the Face of Accelerated Scientific and Technological Development"
Graduated:  August 2010
Currently:  PhD Student, Science and Technology Studies - Cornell University


Melissa Cannon
Internship:  The Smithsonian Institute - Office of Policy and Analysis (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "Developing a Discovery-centered Informal Science Education Lab for K-8 Students"
Graduated:  December 2014
Currently: Program Coordinator - NASA- Goddard Space Flight Center, Universities Space Research Association


Cherish Connolly
Internship:  Arizona Corporation Commission (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Socio-economic Impact of Environmental Regulations in Rural America"
Graduated:  December 2014
Currently:  Adjunct Faculty Member – Grand Canyon University


Molly Cresto
Internship:  Arizona Corporation Commission (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Status Quo of Public Engagement Entwined with the Permitting of Energy Infrastructure"
Graduated:  December 2010
Currently:  Project Manager – KP Environmental



Natalie DeGraaf
Internship:  Office of Science and Technology Policy (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "The Goals of Translational Research:  Assessing the Investment in Research"
Graduated:  August 2011
Currently:  Public Health Analyst and Advisor, Division of Select Agents and Toxins, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Sabrina Delgado Arias
Internship:  International Food Policy Research Institute (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "Towards Deliberative Democracy in South America:  The Case of Indigenous Knowledge and Technologies in the Context of Agricultural Extension"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Support Scientist - Sigma Space Corporation as part of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  


Jacqueline Fitton

Internship:  Alliance for Health Reform (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "The Research Support Workforce at Arizona State University"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Medical Student - LECOM Bradenton


Spencer Ford
Internship:  Office of Science and Technology Policy (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "Reducing Arizona State University's Carbon Footprint Through Deployment of PHEV Infrastructure"
Graduated:  August 2013
Currently:  Gas Transportation Analyst  - Southwest Gas


Alaina George
Internship:  Department of Education -- White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "Navajo Nation:  ICTs and Education"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology - Arizona State University; Tele-Education Coordinator - Indian Health Services, NM

  Karina Jacobs
Internship:  Arizona State University LightWorks (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "The Circular Economy Game:  Engaging a Community in Science Policy"
Graduated:  December 2014
Currently:  Technical Writer - Perly Fullerton

Jeffrey Jennings
Internship:  Dell, Inc. (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "A comparison of remediation efficacy at the Motorola 52nd Street and Indian Bend Wash Superfund Sites: Investigating how disparate socio-economic conditions affected home values"
Graduated:  May 2014
Currently:  Arizona Public Service (APS) - Sustainability Project Coordinator


Travis Johnson
Internship:  LightWorks (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Deliberative Systems View of Efforts to Democratize Energy in Arizona"
Graduated:  August 2012
Currently:  Project Manager, LightWorks - Arizona State University


Cameron Keys
Internship:  Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes - ASU (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Social Business Model Innovation:  An Emerging Science and Technology Policy Pathway?"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Presidential Management Fellowship appointment as a U.S. Army Financial Management Analyst in the G-48 Resource Integration Directorate


Kevin Margeson
Internship:  Honeywell (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Innovators and Operators:  Improving the Implementation of Space Exploration and Science"
Graduated:  May 2012
Currently:  Human Spce Product Line - Honeywell International; 2013 Presidential Management Fellow


Jason O’Leary
Internship:  Arizona Corporation Commission (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "What has Arizona Done for Renewable Energy?"
Graduated:  August 2011
Currently:  PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology - Arizona State University


Jessica Passerrelli
Internship:  Salt River Project (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Organizational Culture and its Effects on Decision-making:  A Comparative Study of Culture and Sustainable Initiatives at the Salt River Project and the Arizona Public Service"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Assistant to the Director, Emerging Customer Programs/Solar and Sustainability - Salt River Project


Alecia Radatz
Internship:  LightWorks (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Exploring the Chasm:  Investigating the Landscape of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Diffusion Across Early Adopters and the General Public"
Graduated:  December 2013
Currently:  PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology - Arizona State University; Management Research Analyst, Outreach - Arizona State University

Brandon Riddle
Internship: Boeing Space Launch Systems – Titusville, FL
Applied Project: “Burocketry: A Comparative Analysis of the Bureaucracy of the Space Launch System”
Graduated: August 2016


Alicia Rodgers
Internship:  Arizona Corporation Commission (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Path Dependencies in Carbon Accounting and Carbon-Labelling"
Graduated:  August 2010


Evan Tieslink
Internship:  Arizona Department of Administration - Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Eudaemonia:  The Changing Relationship Between People and Data"
Graduated:  December 2014
Currently: Data Loading Specialist - CACI


Kevin Todd
Internship:  American Institute of Biological Sciences - Public Policy Office (Washington, DC)
Applied Project:  "Case Study of the Relocation of Newtok, Alaska:  Climate Adaptation and Environmental Justice in Native Alaskan Communities"
Graduated:  August 2014
Currently:  Education Policy Analyst  - Office of the President, Arizona State University


Anne Warren
Internship:  Center for Sustainable Health - ASU (Arizona)
Applied Project:  "Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions and Knowledge about Sustainability Science, Technology and Society"
Graduated:  December 2012
Currently:  Director of Research and Development - Center for Sustainable Health - Arizona State University; PhD Student, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology - Arizona State University