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Each student in the Master of Science and Technology Policy (MSTP) degree program will have a major faculty advisor as well as an Applied Project faculty mentor.  The Applied Project faculty mentor will be the official Chair of the student’s Supervisory Committee and will appear as the Chair on the student’s Plan of Study.  The student’s Supervisory Committee consists of three members, including the chair of the committee.  These faculty members can assist the student with class registration decisions, possible topics for the Applied Project and internship possibilities.

The Graduate Advisor can also assist students with class registration, internship resource materials, and an explanation of degree program requirements.  The advisor guides students through the necessary steps required to successfully progress from admissions to graduation.

Andra Williams
Graduate Program Advisor
Interdisciplinary B, Room 366
Phone:  480-727-9498
Fax:  480-727-8791

Dr. Kathleen Vogel
Interim Degree Program Chair
Interdisciplinary B, Room 256J
Phone:  480-727-6579

Degree timeline

Each student should establish and follow a degree timeline.  The timeline below is based on a 12-month program with the Applied Project during the spring session and the Internship during the summer session. If the student is pursuing the degree part time or is altering the semesters for the Applied Project and Internship, the program administrative assistant can help with establishing a customized timeline to fit the student’s needs and generate a customized timeline/check sheet. 

Student forms and program handbooks are located on the Student Resources page.

Academic term one – fall
  • Register for classes
  • Begin to identify internship opportunities
  • Select supervisory committee chair (Applied Project Advisor) by October 1
  • Meet with Committee Chair in early October to make arrangements for Applied Project for semester two
  • Select Supervisory Committee Members by November 1
  • Submit Applied Project Proposal form by December 15
  • File Plan of Study by December 15
Academic term two – spring
  • Register for classes
  • Meet with Committee Chair early in the semester to discuss internship opportunities
  • Submit Internship Application Form by March 15
  • Submit an application for the Master of Science and Technology Policy Scholarship by March 31
  • Complete Applied Project by April 20
  • Submit Applied Project paper by April 30
  • Hold oral presentation and defense of Applied Project by May 3 
  • Submit Culminating Experience Form by May 8
Academic term three – summer
  • Register for classes
  • Participate in the Policy Workshop in Washington, D.C. during late May and early June, successfully complete all course requirements within three weeks
  • Review Plan of Study for accuracy by June 10
  • Apply for graduation by June 15
  • Complete internship and submit all required paperwork and documents by July