Gary Grossman, PhD

Associate Professor and Associate Director for Academic Programs

Gary has worked with the World Bank, USAID, and the UN to integrate ‘hands-on’ work in the field of development with policy and practice. He has been the principal investigator for approximately $35M in national and international grants and has received two Fulbright research awards. He regards the engagement of people in developing nations as critical to truly making the future serve everyone.

Mary Jane C. Parmentier, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor and Chair, Master of Science Global Technology and Development Program

Mary Jane is founding faculty member of GTD program, which examines the dynamics of global development and inequality and serves students wishing to have significant social impact in the world. She leads research and project based courses for students to the Middle East and Latin America, and her work seeks to include perspectives from different societies on priorities for the future.

Nalini Chhetri, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Director

Nalini’s international background has influenced her work in climate impact, knowledge systems, and urban sustainability. Her research and international collaboration focuses on bringing students, faculty, and stakeholders together at home and abroad to work on collaborative programs. She develops programs that address diversity, reduce inequity, and help build a more collaborative world. Nalini has shared appointment with the School of Sustainability.

Britt Crow-Miller, PhD

Assistant Professor

Britt is co-PI on a large, multi-year grant from the Australian Research Council investigating the technopolitics of the world’s largest water infrastructure collaboration, her work focuses on issues at the intersection of environment, politics, development, and technology in China and beyond. In 2017, the Social Science Research Council named her a Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellow.

Laura Hosman, PhD

Assistant Professor

Laura takes an action-oriented approach to research and teaching by working with students in-field partners to design, build, and implement appropriate technologies, such as SolarSPELL, in resource-constrained locations, she is committed to improving educational opportunities for people across the globe who lack access to modern technologies, while offering transformative educational opportunities for her students. Laura has a shared appointment with The Polytechnic School.