Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society

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Requirements for the Certificate in Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society (RISES)

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The Certificate in Responsible Innovation program requires the following: 15 credit hours including the required capstone course HSD 580.

  • Overall required credit hours: 15
  • Core Course credit hours: 3
  • Elective Course credit hours: 9
  • Culminating Experience: Capstone Course, HSD 580: Practicum (3 credit hours)

RISES Internship Forms

1 – RISES Practicum Approval Form (Word Doc)

2 – RISES Internship Experience Contract (Word Doc)

3 – RISES Internship Experience Work Variance Form (Word Doc)

4 – RISES Internship Experience Work Hours Log (Word Doc)

5 – RISES Internship Experience Report Form (Word Doc)

6 – RISES Internship Experience Midterm Evaluation (Word Doc)

7 – RISES Internship Experience Final Evaluation (Word Doc)

8 – RISES Additional Chapter Final Evaluation Form (Word Doc)