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Global Development and Innovation

The graduate certificate program in global development and innovation responds to the knowledge and skills gap that development practitioners often struggle with, and it also connects with innovations that policymakers seek for more sustainable and resilient futures. It provides current and critical perspectives on innovation and development for overseeing and managing complex global challenges while fostering cultural sensitivities and dispositions. The program graduates will contribute to improving development policy and practices through analysis, integration and incorporation of emerging insights and best practices, making them available to policymakers, practitioners, and tech-innovators.

Responsible Innovation in Science, Engineering and Society

The certificate program in responsible innovation in science, engineering and society is designed for scientists, engineers, research managers, technology officers, public administrators and policy officials who seek to advance science and technology to improve societal outcomes and to develop creative solutions to the fundamental global challenges of the 21st century. The program provides knowledge, skills and methods for analyzing innovation and technological systems; knowledge and uncertainty in decision-making; the regulation and governance of science and technology; the uptake of science and technology in complex societal settings; and interactions between science, technology and the public. The certificate may be pursued by professionals in industry or government or by graduate students pursuing their Arizona State University degree program.

Nonfiction Writing and Publishing

Students in the nonfiction writing and publishing certificate program will learn good writing, which includes the ability to read, analyze and synthesize information and concepts and to express them with words. Graduates will have a portable, professional skill that can transcend disciplines and equip them for life both within and beyond the academy. Graduates will have the skills to publish analyses and narratives of complex ideas and knowledge for diverse audiences, from scholars to various public audiences.he certificate embraces all varieties of nonfiction. The certificate program is unique as it is embedded in specific academic content areas, including disciplinary-specific and transdisciplinary areas.