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Dr. Jenkins' approach to teaching integrates videos to deliver content in advance of class meetings with activites that build on this content to engage students in high-level thinking. Her approach also uses the latest teaching technologies to enhance the student experience. You can learn more about her teaching methods in the video below and these reports on innovative teaching and the use of technology in the classroom

Interested in learning more about marine conservation and marine resource issues? Below you’ll find the UW courses currently taught by Dr. Jenkins:

SMEA/SIS/ENVIR 103: Society and the Oceans (5 credits)

Oceans tell the story of whether humans are capable of achieving a sustainable relationship with the planet. Once thought as an inexhaustible source of protein and mineral wealth, the oceans now are showing increasing signs of stress. Prerequisite: none.

Society and the Oceans explores how human values, institutions, culture, and history shape environmental issues and policy responses. Topics throughout the course include an overview of marine laws and policy, our roles as consumers of ocean products, and ecological concepts such as shifting baselines. The primary case studies used for this course focus on fisheries and fisheries conservation.

SMEA 502: Decision Making and Action Taking in Marine Affairs (3 credits)

SMEA 502 focuses on the dynamic interaction between human- and natural-world marine environmental systems and the policy- and decision-making, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment that must follow for effective response to problems that emerge within the human dimensions of global change in the marine environments framework. Prerequisite: SMEA 500; SMEA 501.

SMEA/FISH 581:Case Study Research: Design and Methods (3 credits)

Provides in-depth training in case study theory, design, and methods. Designed for exploring prospectus ideas or beginning analysis of thesis research. Through readings, discussions, exercises, and lectures, students learn how to select units of analysis, control data quality, and collect, analysis, and report data.