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Mary Jane Parmentier

The MS in Global Technology and Development program (GTD) offers students a global program that encompasses social, economic and political development, while highlighting the variables of technology and innovation in these development processes.

One of the central concerns addressed in the program is the global disparity in wealth and access to resources and basic needs, both between and within countries. Students are encouraged to pursue questions of their own that engage them in social science research on issues related to technology and human socioeconomic and political development within nations, regions and around the globe.

Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of the GTD program.  Both campus-based and online program options are available to suit individual learning styles, work schedules and locations.  A diverse list of course options are available each semester to fulfill program requirements, and many courses are available from programs across the university.  Students can complete the program with unique research projects or with more applied and practical internship experiences.

The GTD student body represents a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and interests, and a myriad of undergraduate degrees, from engineering to the social sciences. Students who have graduated with their M.S. degree in Global Technology and Development are currently working for international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, the private sector in technology, and military and educational institutions. 

If you are interested in learning how the GTD program can fit with your career aspirations, we invite you to visit our program pages to the left, and contact us directly with any questions!

Mary Jane Parmentier
Degree Program Chair

Introduction to the Global Technology and Development Master's Program