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Heather M. Ross

Science and technology have always driven social change. Indeed, over the years, the pace of that change has increased to the point that existing social institutions and their value systems have had an increasingly difficult time in managing those changes in every society. In the 21st century, this process has increased in speed dramatically, challenging our ability to govern, create appropriate policy, or even ensure that life on earth can continue. The Master of Arts in Applied Ethics-Science, Technology and Ethics (AEP-STE) concentration focuses on the ethical issues arising from the multiple challenges involved in balancing economic, technological, environmental, social and cultural development in a world increasingly affected by science and technology. It provides the student with a general background in ethics and ethical systems with an emphasis on ethical issues in science and technology as well as exposing students to new challenges posed by rapidly evolving sociotechnical systems in such areas as:

  • energy, environment and development
  • genetic engineering and biotechnology
  • information and communication technology
  • nanotechnology
  • risk assessment
  • technology and security

Insofar as the pace of these challenges show no signs of slowing down, people who can deal with their ethical consequences will be in great demand in the future. In AEP-STE, you will be asked to comprehend these challenges, demonstrate your capability in addressing these challenges, and ultimately, offer some solutions. It will be an exciting adventure and we are pleased you have chosen to accept this path. It will be an adventure!

Thank you and welcome to AEP-STE.


Heather M. Ross
Degree Program Chair